by Remainder

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A collaborative effort to channel aggression.

***A limited run of tapes are being made, Pre order details soon***


released April 20, 2016

Chris Childs: Vocals
James Kelly: Guitar
Sean 'The Sean' Cody: Bass
Kevin Smith: Drums

*This release is dedicated to Chris Cody.

Cover art by: Brendon Simmons
Layout by: Jon Cafarella

Recorded at: Get Dead Productions in Walpole, MA
Mixed and Recorded by: Kevin Smith

Thanks to Pat Malony for always supporting us & to the Smith household for their hospitality.



all rights reserved


Remainder Providence, Rhode Island

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Track Name: BURNS DEEP
two thousand miles away you bastardize me
try to quantify this misery
nails buried beneath my teeth, grabbing fucking hold of me
how can i sleep. waking silently?
making me fucking sick
to hell with all you fuckin pricks
searching for a thorn in a body bag by the shore
trembling walls, broken doors, solitude, i hit the floor
drunken love screaming, fragile fists swinging
fallen face to take the shame, comfort lost inside our hate
calm and tender on your lips, don't you miss my leather skin?
shatter my skull, neglect my soul
sinking useless
no thoughts of reason, to resist
no regrets.
how does my drink taste
your shadows gaze in fearing me
like you’re nothing
fire still burns deep
till you’re gone
Track Name: GNAWING
frigid winds come rolling in
no i won’t see your face around here again
I’m finding comfort in this defeat
tirelessly wasted, don’t need your eyes aching.
how fucked i can be
bury me in a fucking hole
I’ve lost all of my self control,
won’t stop till I’m dead to the world
i break the tone that is calming me
pry at your feet with my gnawing teeth
the bones will exposed all the grief i need
who the fuck will you tell now when you’re buried six feet down.
the ink in my skin is mocking me
step back set the flesh ablaze
i wanna see you bleed i wanna see you scream
ill get my shit together while i'm watching you suffering
you think you’re all together while you’re watching me suffering
i love you much more while you’re watching me suffering
you must be confused i’d rather be suffering.
Track Name: DULL SKULL
burning you from my skin, as the irons sinking in
pour the whiskey down, tell me who i am now.
an awful taste on my tongue, throw it in your face
“can you be a human? get the fuck away."
losing all ive known
losing all control, you’re useful now
dull skull go home
losing all I’ve known
losing all control, you’re useful now
dull skull go alone
come crawl back to sleep lying dead for me.
come crawl back to sleep dull skull fuck your soul.
dull skull go alone
this hell is all i know
dull skull go alone
this hell is all i know
so sweet i can be
now leave, pretty knees
so sweet, bitter ill be
now leave, restlessly
dig deeper put that bat to my brain
suffocate all of me.
she won’t say my name, I’m to blame.
fuck your fate,
i can dig my own fucking grave