Lantern EP

by Remainder

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Recorded at Black Girl Records


released October 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Remainder Providence, Rhode Island

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Track Name: When The Tired Speaks
"I took her heart, and broke its worth.
She took the lies, and brought them forth.
I'm tired of hearing my own mouth
Mutter beneath the dead face stare her attraction keeps.
I'd rather feel the comforts of your pain,
than be left alone.
Bloody,broken, take this heart you had once stolen.

I lied to all of you, i promise it's the truth.
This is my hearts worth and I belong with you.

I am here, Her eyes dream.
I dream she's dreaming of me.
I know she's dreaming me
I can hear it in her hearts beat.

Joy has been kept far from me,
And I have been kept far from beauty.
There's a distance growing from our arms,
But we can't stop ourselves from loving the ones we've lost."
Track Name: Running Out
"I believe there's place for our comfort,
I believe there's time to grow forth,
I believe we'll learn to speak,
I believe its me that failed to keep ,
I know its you who trembles through me,
I've forgiven the mistakes the moment they were made.
I've been filled with anger since the day you left,
I've hidden the photos to leave them safely kept,
I'll forever live in your eyes and in your head
I'll wake from this dream when fear recedes,
And there's nothing left but you forever held in me.

Her anger gouged,into my palms and
up through my arms, with the precision
she had carried, and pulled my feet from under me.

There's hazel in her eyes and roses in her cheeks
My lips knew the answers but just wouldn't speak

If my breathing decides to steer me wrong
I beg to you, to you let this be once more.

As long as I'm sure there's no stopping the anger i've endured
The pain, anguish, despair in our hearts torn.

Everyone kills the hearts they touch to mend their own hearts,
We fall into false arms to mend our own hearts.

This'll be the last time fall into false arms,
Everyone kills the hearts they touch to mend their own hearts.

I know you've tried to forget me, but i know you have never left me ,
I will forever protect what lies in my arms,

No matter the pain i've endured, no matter the pain i've caused
It's these hearts, these hearts that keep the blood pulsing through.

We are the wretched, we are the lovers of lost conception."
Track Name: Don't Forget To Remember
"Joy my love my darling you know who you are
If you find yourself coming crashing down
I could be the one guiding you back home
Joy my love, my dear you know who are
I could be the one guiding you back home
if you find yourself coming crashing down

when we were home
fighting hope, fighting sleep
her hands cold, her sacred eyes i held in mine
oh how the tired speaks
outside that pretty mouth just to fall away
to fall away for the last time.

I am here and i am alone
i am here and i am broken
hand in hand we wont be forgotten.

dead weight steers its stare creeping through
only to fall beneath me once again
when all is done we'll march onward
we are one we'll march onward.

If this could only be the last time we fell into false arms
set to continue where we left off dead face she speaks
tonight she will not be stopped with her pride set aside
she cannot be stopped with her pride set aside
i had no sense to turn away the pain, anguish
in each of our tries,sit still.
let the damp air and anxieties crawl into my skin
the trembling voices lead outside and the cold cool air revives me.
a grave storm had swept through our audience,
nows the time to speak.Darling make him speak,
i plead make him speak.
the rustic words his voice fell far to short
darling make him speak.

she's too strong to let her weeping eyes show,
her false ideas of love soon tremble through.

i can see through your eyes ,
and i can see into your heart

to hear her voice to smell her skin
,to feel the sweat,
we wept with the guilt of pleasure.

to comfort those arms to feel so strong
inside a heart when all goes wrong
but you know theres no changing it all

To feel the skin on skin
to fight through the heat of night
to release our fears with sweat
and never winning a fight,
oh i'd die to be there again.


There was a time not long ago,
there was a time not long ago when everything was fine
and you are mine and everything was fine

her eyes cut through my words,
"why cant you ever speak to me"
"please can you fix things"? "i'll make everything alright?" i promised

Now put your weary head to rest
I'll make everything alright

Dust in my eyes and grit in my teeth
i buried the last of your words within in me.

what happens when all is done
as she gives up on me
will my head still think the same
will our hearts still need the pain?

Even in my dreams i cant find the peace,
to escape the walls you've built around me.
i believe we'll learn to speak
unless my ears bade me wrong,
this'll be the last time we fall into false arms."