Set Aside Your Fears

by Remainder

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Released in April 2010,
Recorded @ Get Dead Productions in Walpole, MA


released April 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Remainder Providence, Rhode Island

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Track Name: The Beginning
Look at you,oh god!
When will all of this just fucking end?
Her angelic look persuade me to intrude
Held across my eyes, lies have made me blind
I know you taste the smoke on my lips
As I crawl down your throat to feed back your lies.
You have consumed me within your boundaries
And I see your eyes start to fall.
As your gaze is set far from me (and I will)
Have you etched (on the insides)
of my eyelids
Then on, We will always be together.
Track Name: Forgetful Eyes
There was nothing I had done to deserve this,
I protected what I thought was mine.
Echoes catch me through the halls and I hear her speak my name
Anger in her voice, embarrassed, she persuades she’s not to blame.
My eyelids could not grace me with the comforts of my dreams
But I feel her closing in when her warmth blankets me
“lye with me, please just hold me” she speaks, so I give in
How foolish I was to disregard my comfort and take in arms.
She’s swelling up, her voice mutters in disgust, mistook indulgence.
The warmth of her body recedes, her breathing has lost pace, my hearts replaced
We got lost on our way in, with our fears set aside,
I could not fight the growing distress that plagued us,
We lost ourselves on the way out, our eyes could not recognize,
I took hold my anguish and tore through her world,
The heart you once carried has turned to rust
Inside the remnants of your walls
My voice will creep through your skin and haunt your sleep
I’ve embraced the ghosts that haunt me
I have set myself free,
I’ve embraced your ghost that haunts me
I am finally set free.
I have set myself free.
Track Name: The Fundamentalist
You don’t breathe the same as I do.
The thoughts You think can’t compare to mine.
Your name carved in my chest, forever set into flesh.
As we push and pull, you know I’ll never leave.
You don’t breathe the same as I do.
The thoughts You think can’t compare to mine.
Precious creeps inside me through my heart and into my veins,
Only to leave me. We will be fine, oh [We’ll be fine]
Now there’s nothing we have to save.
Release the ties, and just run with me.

We kiss through the heat, and bathe in our pride
Gasp to breathe you don’t breathe the same as I.
Etch out the words etch out the words
Etch out the words from the tree you have burned,

If You cut the noose maybe I could hear You,
Speak into the air , the wind will carry it away.
The truth holds my Fear so I pray for westward gusts.
Stars keep me dreaming, as Your name passes by
But you only deserve what a grown man grieves
The truth holds my fears.
Set aside your fears, darling come to me, run to me
Etch out the words etch out the words from
The tree You have burned
March in unison and bury
Track Name: Our Move Forward
I could barely see You through the silent haze of my dream,
I thought I heard You calling my name I thought I heard You.
I’m terribly afraid
of how the wind has tricked Us
With Our feet in the sand
We’re barely holding ground.
Our hands
losing their touch,
the touch
We had once valued
Only biding time
before the dreams
We made
are all washed away
Darling come to me
When You’ve lost Your will
And can't even speak
Your own name
Only biding time before
The dreams
We made are washed away
They’re all washed away
My Dear I want to hear You breathe,
To feel Your heart through my chest,
To reignite the love we had, Love we had set to rest
To smell Your skin and to once again,
Be comfortable and warm, for You I yearn.
Darling please control your heaps

This presence will forever fail to keep,
It always failed to keep.
“I always Love You”
Take my fragile hands so you can feel my heartache,
Take my fragile hands so you can feel my heartbeat,
Take my fragile hands and once again complete me.
Once again complete me?
The promises that You made and the Love that You gave.
Broken shards still remain, no my hands won’t complain
The promises You made and the Love that You faked.
I will not let my hate consume my heart.
Track Name: Two Shades Of Familiar White
I can hear your smile and I can feel your laughter,
I have felt your tears and I have heard your Joy,
I have heard your tears and I have felt your Joy.
Still now he doesn’t sleep at night, knowing
It’s not his eyes putting her to sleep tonight.
Still now he doesn’t sleep at night, knowing
It’s not his eyes laying her to sleep at night.
Joy come to me,
Joy speak to me,
It’s been far too long,
Since I’ve been graced
The comforts of your breathing.
“I am here, my love for you is endless”
Build on the ruins we had laid to rest.
The was nothing I could hold.
Reason was swept away by the breeze.
Only so long I can plead,
Oh my dear don’t set me free.
I’ve never felt so alive with your
Hands tightly grasped in mine.
Yet to reconcile and complete
Our move forward
No longer we live in our trust,our faith, our escape.
Repeat, her green eyes fall,
Repeat, and statues crumble,
We built, from bone and trust,
To watch, it break like rust.
The city streets fled and clawed at my ankles
The warnings did not reach me.
I should’ve known. When I reached for your hand,
You kept it tightly to your side,
That you no longer need, the pain, the anguish, despair in my eyes.
In you I leave my last breath,
She can’t be stopped, with her pride set aside.
I have nothing left to give,
As we fall and separate ourselves.
Track Name: Waiting...Drifting...Drowning

Hey Kid look at you with all the potential
being victorious, being great. Happiness clings onto
a single thread, the grief my obnoxious excuses for...
convincing the foundation, the blueprint
sketches and sketches just plans though out on a piece of paper
half done, half hearted.

a half hearted son looking at the stars trying to figure out what
all this awe is about. The learned astronomer, what went through his
mind, what could possibly not go right back into mine
reel all of it in and never come to the end
the fucking bait snapped, get over it and skip to the end
wait till you find out
wait till the light goes out
wait till you find out
wait till there's nothing left to lack